About Dr. Janet Burns

 Osteopathic Physician - the Sherlock Holmes of Body Problems

Dr. Burns is a 1995 graduate of the Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine in Athens, OH.  She is Board certified in: Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine/Neuromusculoskeletal medicine, Osteopathic Family Practice, and is a founding Diplomate of the American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine. 

She has taught Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine at Touro University College of Osteopathic medicine, Vallejo, CA since 2008.  In addition to teaching students and seeing patients in the school clinic, she is involved in research locally and nationally, serving as Vice-Chair of the Louisa Burns Osteopathic Research Committee, and Chair of their annual Student Research Poster Competition.

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Being a triple board-certified physician, Dr. Burns is able to trace the source of her patients’ physical problems like a master medical detective. She draws upon on 19 years of experience including 13 years of teaching and research at U.S. medical schools. Dr. Burns has used her hands to resolve neuro-musculo-skeletal problems that were deemed untreatable by medical centers such as Stanford, UCSF, UCLA and the Mayo Clinic. Her osteopathic manipulative treatments are gentle yet deeply healing, releasing tension and pain. 

Dr. Burns has also developed a program of simple, painless stretches that enable people to take control of their own health. 

Dr. Burns’ mission is to relieve unnecessary suffering by educating and empowering the public about treatment options. She explains in easy-to-understand terms how osteopathy helps the body heal itself. She has been interviewed on TV and has lectured to groups of up to 500 people from all walks of life. She is known for her engaging, humorous, down-to-earth style, and has won numerous medical teaching awards.


Discover why osteopathy is the best kept secret in healthcare: 

Osteopathy can alleviate numerous conditions some healthcare professionals consider to be incurable, or only treatable with drugs &/or surgery, including:

Acid Reflux, ADHD, Autism, PTSD, Migraines, Irritable Bowel, Fibromyalgia, Carpal Tunnel. 

How poor posture causes health problems, even if it doesn’t hurt, and what you can do about it. 

Why a crooked spine or poor posture can make you fat. How your Rx lenses &/or Dental work could be causing arthritis. How scoliosis is treatable at any age.

Osteopathy in Pregnancy and Childbirth:

The crooked body and infertility. How to decrease risk of preterm labor, preeclampsia, use of vacuum/forceps, C-section. Treating Post-partum depression without drugs.

Osteopathy for Babies and Children:

Alleviating colic, feeding and digestive problems, fussiness, and poor sleep. Why helmets are NOT the answer for a baby whose head has a “flat spot.” How to prevent long term problems after your child has suffered an accident. The downside of “watch and wait “if your child was diagnosed with “mild” scoliosis. Why growing pains are NOT normal, and can be treated. 

Why everyone needs to stretch, and the best ways to do it:

Myths about stretching. How to save $$$ on unnecessary medical bills. Throw away your foam roller. How the incorrect stretches and sequencing can make you worse.


“Dr. Burns has helped me heal various joint problems and mitigate side effects of chemotherapy. The stretches she developed were short, simple, painless, yet effective.” 

  —C. J. Grace, author of Adulterer’s Wife: How to Thrive Whether You Stay or Not.  

“Eight weeks of physical therapy did not do for me what Dr. Burns did in one hour and a half. After my session, the nagging pain in my shoulders from a car accident was completely gone.”

  —Edith Billups, media relations consultant and founder of The Gabriel Media Group, Rockville, MD






Dr. Janet Burns' Certifications:

Soul Link Restoration My Memory Makeover

Memory Energy Therapy Association

Revitalizing Life and Love

Authorized Certification Corporation for: 

META Memory Energy Therapy Association Soul Link Restoration

META Memory Energy Therapy Association Restoration My Memory Makeover

Soul Link is the process which neutralizes traumatic memories in a single session.

Soul Link is a specific methodology for neutralizing traumatic and paralyzing memories in seconds.This powerful method has helped thousands of people achieve astonishing results.  Now a recognized method published in The International Journal for Complimentary and Alternative Medicine January, 2016 edition.

Awareness in Consciousness

Awareness in Consciousness teaches you to unlock and release the pain that may have been in your body for decades in a single session.

Awareness in Consciousness is a method for finding, recognizing, unlocking, diminishing or removing energy in the body.  This course teaches you to unlock pain that has been locked in your body in seconds.  Painful conditions find immediate relief so that the blood begins to flow in growth and regeneration, rather than in protection.

META Memory Energy Therapy Association Soul Link My Memory Makeover

Restoration is about restoring your life and re-designing your future!

Restoration is a life changing experience where you actively engage the feelings and emotions that have held you back, hurt you or have disempowered you from moving forward in life.  You will learn about processes you have been using to manifest your whole life.  Simply knowing this and paying attention to it will change your life.

Are you ready to love life again?

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